No Risk International Sales Program

Rio views business relationships with other companies as partnerships where common goals, clear communication, and thorough analysis produce successful long-term relationships and powerful results.

If the entire world is moving forward and your company is standing still, then, you are falling behind. Generating sales doesn’t just happen. New market opportunities need to be sought after aggressively to stay ahead of the competition. Now is the time to start to grow your products’ sales and generate profits.

Rio’s specialized manufacturer program allows factories to grow their revenue without investing, bearing any risk, or doing any more work. Rio handles the life cycle of your products from logistics through sales completion to ensure satisfied customers. Leave all the grunt work to us. Relax, sit back, and watch your revenue increase.

“This was an easy decision for us. They (Rio) accepted us in the program, and thereafter we did nothing except get more sales and make more profits. It’s the perfect program for our factory.”

Rio offers a unique sales partnership program created for manufacturers and local Asian brands, which allows them to enter the eCommerce marketplace without any risk or investment. Our one-of-a-kind program includes using Rio’s capital to invest in the marketing costs of your startup. Working together, we ensure a profitable venture by allowing each of our companies to focus on what we excel. You focus on manufacturing and great products. We focus on marketing and growing your products’ sales. One of the key benefits of this program is that we only make money when you do. Imagine making money on every consumer purchase and not having to worry about all the day-to-day nuances and technical details of sales and marketing. Your company gets paid for each sale transaction. All we need from you is your quality products. This top-rated program is selected by those tired of spending money on marketing service companies that take your hard-earned cash regardless of the level of success. In fact, in 2018, our newly launched program has already generated more than 15 million USD in sales revenue for over 10 brands.

A Complete Global Marketing
Competitive Analysis
Turnkey Brands, Marketing
Materials, and Customer Analytics
Sales on the Largest
E-commerce Marketplaces
Complete Digital Marketing and Advertising

The program includes

Demand Forecasting for all
E-commerce Platforms
Supply Chain Logistics
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