About Us
Shenzhen Rio eCommerce Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shenzhen, with partnering offices in America and Europe. Our company was founded on the beliefs of professionalism, integrity, and creativity. We believe that today, everyone should have the ability to create products for the world. It is our mission to help those products expand and grow worldwide.

We do this by establishing close professional relationships with factories, product makers, and brands who are expanding into America, Europe, and Japan. Our results speak for themselves. By helping local businesses step into the global eCommerce platform, we can offer additional streams of revenue without adding any extra cost to your bottom line.

eCommerce is not just a job for us. It is a means to help foster business growth so that everyone can live more prosperous and happier lives.
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Telephone:+86 135 9016 8779
Address:Nanshan High-tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen