In 2007 Rio’s founders recognized the game-changing impact and massive growth potential of eCommerce sales.

Starting in America, our legendary founders created eCommerce and digital marketing solutions for some of the largest selling brands on the world’s immense digital platforms.

Rio’s founders, along with our expanded leadership team, have become recognized authorities in today’s eCommerce and digital marketing arena. Our Shenzhen office staff is comprised of well-trained and experienced professionals from both eastern and western cultures. We, still today, work together with our founders to create exceptional results for our clients.


Digital marketing and eCommerce are significantly disrupting traditional sales and buying models. As new technologies, channels, and systems are created, new technology, innovative marketing methods, and sales rules need to be applied. Companies that don’t adapt to the changing waters of today’s technology sink to the bottom of the digital sea. Industries that learn to navigate these vast oceans of commerce can sail forth to reach the beautiful horizon and reap the benefit of very high sales growth.

The world’s best factories and most substantial production capabilities in the world are in Asia. However, until recently, Asian factories could not sell their products in America or Europe unless they invested millions of USD in branding and marketing. In the past, only famous American or European brands sold factory goods.

Rio was formed with this distinct purpose in mind. We help Asian manufacturers and distributors enter into new markets without having to spend millions of dollars or hundreds of hours of time learning and understanding international sales and marketing. We remove risks and work with your business to ensure success because, as a trusted partner, your success is our success.


Asia is the most recognized global authority on new products and brand creation, with hundreds of Asian companies now selling internationally.

Factories and Asia branding companies are profiting greatly by working with Rio’s digital marketing firm. With eCommerce in full swing, every product now has the potential to create significant profits, sales, and growth. As a local Asia business, Rio, we are your bridge among traditional manufacturing, native Asian brands, and the abundant international eCommerce markets.


Paying close attention to detail is critical in the world’s digital marketing and eCommerce business. One wrong click or poor product design can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. While many firms claim to have vast experience, only Rio has real worldwide experts. Only Rio is confident enough in their skills to offer a risk-free eCommerce program.

Along with more than thirty years of expertise in digital marketing and eCommerce, Rio combines the talents of our dedicated Asian and Western employees to market your product successfully, confidently. Our cultural experts will make your product stand out in an already crowded marketplace, ensuring profitable sales. Comprised of Asian nationals, Rio’s digital marketing team receives direct daily design and technical support from our professional American and European digital marketers.


Rio offers a one-of-a-kind, no-risk partnership opportunity that is rooted in creating a win-win scenario, where both parties grow, profit, and succeed together. We stand behind our product and service by delivering results and earnings for you. Unlike most other firms who get paid regardless of their performance, our partnership works in your favor. If you don’t make money, neither do we. That is why so many Asian businesses trust Rio with their products in eCommerce markets.

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